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Spencer Tax Increase Empty Spencer Tax Increase

Post  W F Owens on Thu Jun 11, 2015 5:42 pm

Having spoke opposing the tax increase Tuesday night and then reading what I supposedly said in the Post Wednesday made me think there must have been Two different people ! Here are a couple questions I put to the Board of Aldermen. First I asked if they knew how many people had still not paid their taxes from last year ? No one seemed to know.The comment of 5% coming from the Town Manager in the Post article was NOT made at the Hearing ! This was invented by the Post after the fact ! I also asked them how they considered themselves to be different than common thieves, since they were stealing money from Spencer residents and using it for their $500 Raise ! I commented in any other format they could have been arrested for Felony Theft . I also told them the Best thing that could be said about them was they were brain dead, not being able to see the vacant houses stores and lack of business in Spencer, yet wanting to raise taxes.This was just a bit of my comments to them which were NOT mentioned in the Salisbury Post's supposed 'coverage', So does this make anyone wonder what other facts are uncovered unreported and deleted from other news events the Post supposedly 'covers and reports' on ? This is the RULE with them rather than the EXCEPTION ! I know I've been there said seen and heard it for YEARS and it business as usual. so the next time you think you read about a news event Think Again ! The motto on the Post Tower should say "The Truth Shall Make You Censored Deleted and IGNORED ! W F Owens

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Spencer Tax Increase Empty Re: Spencer Tax Increase

Post  Con't see the forest on Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:21 pm

WF Owens should file to run against those incumbent city council members in Spencer!
Con't see the forest
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