Veteran Designation on DMV License

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Veteran Designation on DMV License  Empty Veteran Designation on DMV License

Post  Jerry88ACWV on Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:55 am

As Chairman of The American Cold War Veterans, a Veterans Service Organization, I must applaud the great
state of North Carolina.

The list of states that are finally recognizing Veterans and have it appear on their Drivers License or ID Card
is growing rapidly.

Our organization has been asking states to show respect and recognition to ALL veterans, regardless of what
branch they served or in what time period. Anyone who wore the uniform of our Armed Forces and received
a discharge other than dishonorable is indeed a veteran.

We have also been attempting to convince Congress to authorize and the Department of Defense to issue
a Cold War Service Medal to all those who served during the Cold War, the time period of Sept. 5, 1945 to
Dec. 29, 1991; America's Longest War-even though it was not declared at a "war period."

Our veterans are all heroes and deserve to be honored, respected and remembered. Freedom is not free
and so many lives were lost in the battles to keep our nation free.

No veteran should ever be forgotten or ignored.

So Thank You North Carolina.

Jerald Terwilliger
Chairman, American Cold War Veterans


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