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Post  Wow! Just Wow! on Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:21 pm

Special thanks to the Rowan Free Press and the eyes they've focused on open and transparent government. Gone are the days when Salisbury officials can scheme in private with the third from the bottom failing public school system in this State, and avoid the light of day in the news media.

Rowan Free Press will continue to question Fibrant and its gulping reserve funds
Rowan Free Press will continue to question Salisbury's lack of transparency, its 73 million dollar debt, and its failure at subscribership
Rowan Free Press will continue to question the civil rights allegations---and indictments---of members of the city's police force
Rowan Free Press will continue to work with oppressed people, including taxpayers and minorities who live under virtual marshall law in Salisbury, to shine the light of truth on the perps wherever they may be
Rowan Free Press will continue to question not only what they're telling us about the failed downtown Central Office plans, but more importantly what they AREN'T telling us!
Rowan Free Press will continue to question the city's failing master plan and it's inability to get along with the county.
Rowan Free Press will continue to question the untouchability of the city's greed that is about to cost them the airport, and why the local lamestream newspaper won't report on it

There is massive support for this alternative newspaper, whose numbers hit over 2500 unique subscriber IP addresses last week---and does not charge a $10 per month subscription fee. Freedom isn't "free", but the Rowan Free Press will remain accessible to all of our county's residents. The Rowan Free Press will protect its sources, whether they are amateur columnists on cell phones---or 'fifth' columnists from within the city's ranks, who continue to recount the dysfunction and financial chaos that grips departments who must 'sacrifice' to keep the failed utility called "Fibrant" on life support for a few more months until it can be pawned off on an unwitting dupe, who has yet to come along and offer anything close to 'retail' for this collosal failure.
Wow! Just Wow!
Wow! Just Wow!

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The Voice of Rowan County! Empty The Independent Voice of Rowan County!

Post  Con't see the forest on Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:59 pm

Thanks for the new topic. I was beginning to think the site had died off for a few months. I'm glad the "Voice of Rowan County" is alive and well now. The voice of Salisbury is in its waning months, and not many takers are paying for what we can get for free if we're willing to delete cookies after every few articles there. Even commenting is possible, too. I am thinking they are taking their marketing strategies from the top secret success formula of FIBRANT.

Its looking pretty bad for Salisbury. That easy money they've been collecting is likely to be taken away in the de-annexation bill. Sure Mr. Wodson says the voice vote showed it was close, but maybe he just heard the NAYS from the LEFT side of the room, since those were the ones he was probably closer to anyways. Salisbury is on an express train to financial ruin. Those who can get jobs elsewhere may well follow Mr. Heman's example. That big multi-bank loan for the Empire Hotel back in 2007 must've seemed like a great idea at the time---for those who love to "plan and fantasize" like Mark Lewis, with other people's money. But without a buyer, and with lower hotel capacity than neighboring cities, those mortgage payments are soon going to dwarf the paltry $90,000 needed to repair roof leaks.

Things that are not mentioned in the local lamestream newspaper tend to be reported on in the Rowan Free Press first. The federal indictment in December of former Salisbury PD officer, Kareem Puranda, and the fallout from the Fibrant fiasco are but two items that City propaganda rag would not be reporting on, but for the Rowan Free Press. THANK YOU, MR. MENSING, FOR MAKING THE ROWAN FREE PRESS THE INDEPENDENT VOICE OF ROWAN COUNTY!!!
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