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Glad tidings of comfort and joy . . .  Empty Glad tidings of comfort and joy . . .

Post  Wow! Just Wow! on Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:27 pm

So this year's star on the Square does not get to be installed by Randy Goodman after 25 years of service. Instead, the unweildy Salisbury Tourism Development Authority gets to spend $30,000 to $90,000 to throw out the old, and "in" with the new. Or is it under $30,000? No one knows at this point, because Salisbury is using their attorney's interpretation of a state statute to keep the low bid for new lights and installation under wraps until the contract has been assigned.

What exactly ARE they hiding from the public? All told, the city will spend $60,000 on new decorations, installation, removal and storage this year. The Tourism Development Authority plans to replace the old Christmas decorations over three years, starting with the wreaths and median lights, but for this Christmas, Post writer Emily Ford writes "the same star that Goodman has been placing over the Square for years likely will reappear."

We are not so sure. Because when a new agency takes over, the big egos tend to want to leave their "mark" on it. Already there is talk that, in place of the Star on the Square, a surprise announcement is in the works: The Fibrant Fire Fly! That's right, folks. The City of Salisbury will be "making life brilliant" this Holiday Season, by replacing the old tattered Star with a brilliantly lighted likeness of the Fibrant mascot.

So as a precaution, starting with the Holiday Caravan Parade, it is advisable to wear dark sun glasses downtown, lest ye be blinded by the brilliance of City leaders!
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