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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:00 am

Hopefully, each commenter knows what is meant by "civility", because it will be enforced on here. What you post must not slander another person on entity. It must not be criminal in nature (as in threats, cyberbullying, etc.) It must not contain adult content. And it must be civil. Keeping these rules in mind, please remember that the administrators reserve the right to delete posts that don't abide by these rules. We also reserve the right to ban offending users. And if the content is criminal in nature, we will share it with law enforcement.

We strive to be a source of alternative viewpoints from all parts of the political spectrum, as well as a reliable source of information, especially on local issues. If we permit bullies to proliferate, then we will fail to achieve the respect necessary to grow and prosper. So by all means, have some fun. But if you can't play by the rules, then you may need to think of starting your own site.

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